And so this blog begins

Funnily enough the first thing I wrote long back when I started thinking about going into advertising was a link for an American hotel chain, with ‘chain’ being slightly the wrong word as this website does not capture the uniformity and monotony one might expect from a corporate group.

Why I put this link down I am not entirely sure. Either I wanted to go to America (still do) and stay at one of these hotels (in my dreams) or the website captured my attention. Now I think both.

I love the website’s minimal colour scheme and intelligent use of typography, in particular the date line running left of the page is something I’d love steal and use here. Significantly though, the website attracts people to the hotel- the young, cool tourist who wants to know the places to hang out and the untouristy things to do.. information delivered with panache by Standard Culture. For fear of sounding like the hotel’s PR, check out the link below-


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