The power of wellies

As a festival-virgin and extreme tent-hater, these wellies, designed by a collaboration between Orange and renewable energy experts GotWind, perhaps do not impress me as much as they should. But given the circumstances of being lost at an overcrowded campsite, with a phone out of battery, and the idea is amazing.

The idea being that your mobile can be charged by a device in the welly that converts heat from your feet into an electrical current. So the more raving and stomping you do, the better. That is 12 hours of dancing at Glastonbury for an extra hour on your phone- which does seem a lot, but imagine the hours saved through missing the gigantic queues for the charging tent..

For those interested in the science of this device, click here.

All I can say is move over Hunter, some new wellies are in town. And if, like me, you are thinking of a potential flaw- namely rain and mud, there is a pouch for your phone too.


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