Innovative Advertising for a 21st Century Hotel

In this post I’d like to picture the process of coming up with a great advert.
An advert which stood out for me among the thick, cultural pages of the Monocle magazine and shouted “stay here at the Corinthia Hotel… I am the best.
An advert that I brought along, as proof of inspirational advertising, to my first interview at a main agency.
An advert that truly shows of the genius creativity of WCRS&Co, despite the challenges that I think are engrained in a campaign of this type.

Task: to advertise ANOTHER luxury hotel in London during a recession to a picky and difficult to reach audience.

Problems: Any potential guests (and numbers are probably declining) are most probably loyal to older, well-established hotels, like the Ritz or the Dorchester. How can this hotel (the Corinthia) both attract guests initially and then maintain long-term customer loyalty? How exactly can the Corinthia differentiate itself from other high-end hotel establishments?

WCRS solution: to produce 16 print executions each highlighting a different USP of the hotel- for example, its central location, the size of its spa, the softness of its bed, the roominess of their suites, etc.

As WCRS notes “Each individual advertisement was designed to firmly cement the hotel’s position at the pinnacle of luxury hospitality within the capital. The facts were brought to life with a mixture of light-hearted wit and intriguing minimalistic info-graphic illustration, breaking with the traditional hotel advertising which often defaults to room interior shots… To maximise this launch, we’ve created 16 different executions, running 4 insertions per publication as part of a highly targeted, high impact launch. No execution will appear more than once in any one publication.”

Why this works: the graphic and geometric simplicity of the advertising is in contrast to photos of interiors and archaic typography used traditionally, while at the same time being highly intriguing- with witty post-scripts and clever cultural metaphors designed to aid readers’ memories of the Hotel. The Corinthia therefore represents a modern, updated and superior take on its more established competition and attracts the more cultural, modern man. Moreover, as a holistic campaign, the adverts each work well alongside each other and in a four page spread in high-end publications. The advertising therefore successfully targets its audience (e.g. appearing in the Financial Times How to Spend it magazine), whilst effectively representing the hotel as the Mount Everest, the creme de la creme, of luxury. I’m sold, now if only I could indulge…


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