Boys with big lips who can beatbox

For one of the most random but also intriguing websites you are likely to see, check out INCREDIBOX. I can’t encourage you enough to see this website, without typing in CAPITALS, WHICH I ALWAYS FIND ANNOYING.

INCREDIBOX, evolves around the basic concept of users being allowed to make their own music, beatbox style- thereby incorporating a selection of sounds from percussion, instruments, voices, etc- all produced by the artist. So all ‘relatively’ standard, but when these musical inputs become a chorus of men with big lips and sleepy eyes, INCREDIBOX steps up on the scale of unusualness and graphic ingenuity. And boy can they make some noise, even my random efforts to create a rhythm somehow worked, and got my toe tapping to a strangely hypnotic sound. Add to this, the bonus rounds- where, what can only be described as a huge blob/cousin of Casper the friendly ghost, submerges the screen in some riotious cartoon. Mad or ‘enthousiasmant’ as they would say in France, as this site is aptly French.

Sounds like I’m on something, check it out for yourself.


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