Peak Break-Up times according to Facebook

Consider breaking up with someone and then seeng your ex turn to “single” and that vivid broken red heart appear on your wall. Harsh, but this graph shows just that. It signals trends in couples breaking up over a year according to status updates on facebook.

It highlights some interesting, but nonetheless plausible, trends-
1) Most break-ups seem to occur on Mondays. Given, Monday is often viewed as the worse day of the week, not surprising.
2) Beware of March as rates peak dramatically post-Valentine’s day. Likely cause- “irreconcilable differences” and a rising sense of disappointment and doubt- “you were not like this a month ago…”
3) Peak before Christmas holidays- fear of the inlaws? Bad idea irregardless, not a great time to be alone. But then again, considering this is facebook, there will be someone else to ‘stalk’ anyway and a new person to ‘poke’.


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