Digital Distractions

I’ve recently become hooked on the website Information is Beautiful. And rightly too it seems, not only because I love the unique ways they visualise data and communicate unexpected findings, but also because they, as a non work-related website, make up the massive “digital distractions” in my daily life. Distractions that contribute to-

1) My red-light syndrome on my blackberry, when I think it flashes when it isn’t.

2) Facebook paranoia, when others peoples’ lives seem so much cooler/busier/better than my own.

3) Email protocol- in particular, a huge amount of time wondering how to write formally in an email.

4) The “what-to-do nothingness” when the internet crashes.

These are just a few of my many signs of digital addictions, but as the graph below signals there is a method in our digital madness, where you choose one distraction over another. For example, without fail I will always read text messages, facebook and email in that order. Moreover, while on facebook, I will read wall posts before messages and accept/reject requests from ‘randoms’ at a much later date. So I felt thankful when I saw this pyramid infographic as it meant I was not alone in my digital sins, only that I should really think about procrastinating less…


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