News in the Ads #3

A short and sweet round-up of the 5 big happenings making the news this week in Advertising, voted by me…

1) Magners rolls out ‘save the bees’ app
Magners, the cider brand, has launched an iPhone and Android app as part of its “bee aid” campaign to help save urban bees, which are vital in the cider-making process.

-> The app developed by creative agency glue Isobar involves users picking from one of six “bee beards” to add to their photos, with every download resulting in a donation of 50 bees to the British Bee Keeping Association and the Federation of Irish BeeKeepers, in order to help save 1.5 million urban bees over the next year. The app therefore links well to Magners’ tv campaign, which features a day in the life Eamon, the beekeeper, who has a beard of bees; whilst topically highlighting declining bee numbers and the devastating implications that this decrease has.

2) Tesco revamps Direct to create ‘Amazon-style’ offering
Tesco Direct will relaunch early next year in a multimillion-pound initiative to personalise shoppers’ experience through behavioural targeting.

-> This marks a bit of a digital transformation for supermarket giant Tesco as customer’s content will be driven by recommendations and data feeds about topics such as sales and top-rated products, and Clubcard insights. Alongside their online relaunch, Tesco also are dramatically expanding their food range and increasing their collection and order points across the UK in its goal of becoming the ‘world’s best multichannel retailer’. Beware!

3) StumbleUpon Drives More Than 50% of Social Media Traffic
New data from StatCounter shows that StumbleUpon is the dominant source of traffic among the world’s top social media sites. For the first 18 days of August, StumbleUpon accounted for 50.27% of all referral traffic from the top 10 social sites. Facebook was second with a 38.9% market share, while Reddit, YouTube and Twitter each garnered less than 4%.

-> In a surprising statistic, Stumbleupon has shown itself as a leader in increasing web traffic to social media sites, despite its lack of users (in comparison to its rivals Facebook and Twitter). Stumbleupon has grown dramatically in recent months and with this likely to continue, the “StumbleUpon” button is expected to have over 25 billion clicks- with some of those likely to be mine. I am a massive fan of this site as it always takes me to some unseen but intriguing corner of the web rather than my typical big 4- google/facebook/twitter/hotmail.

4) Orange free film promotion explodes onto screens
Orange has launched an integrated campaign featuring popcorn bursting out of objects, including a sofa and a tent, to promote its new customer giveaway – a free film from iTunes every Thursday to “thank” its customers for their loyalty.

-> The £5 million integrated campaign created by Fallon is part of Orange’s “Film to Go”, which allows Orange users to download and watch a film free every Thursday (or basically for free as there is a 35p charge for the code). So that makes another incentive to join Orange, on top of pizza express and 2-for-1 Orange Wednesdays- is it just me or does this sound too good to be true? Nevertheless, I think the advert by Fallon is rather fun, although I can’t quite work out why none of the people in the advert seem to notice that furniture is exploding (apart from the poor dog that is). Moreover, I’m intrigued to see this campaign in print.

5) Barbie hits the red carpet in first UK TV campaign
Mattel has unveiled its first UK-specific brand campaign for Barbie, in which it attempts to revive the toy’s “cool factor” by presenting the character as a celebrity.

-> In a UK TV first, ad agency Ogivily has created two adverts aimed to strengthen and build the Barbie’s relationship with 4-9 year old girls. The advert therefore presents Barbie as hugely popular, fasionable and iconic “superstar”, but at same time maintains a slightly humorous angle as you are left waiting to see which ‘celebrity’ is going to come out of the car. Great, clever in fact to merge Barbie with the ever popular and, to a child- grown-up and glamorous, celeb-land. But what I don’t understand is why there are mature women screaming Barbie’s name (surely too old for fans?!) and why Ken now has blonde hair- he definitely suited brown.


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