1 Indie Band + 1 Talented Animator

Whilst this Richard X remix of Belle and Sebastian’s “Write About Love”, reminds me of 80s music blaring at a roller disco (not necessarily a bad thing- I actually enjoy this song), I particularly enjoy Lesley Barnes’ animation for the video which is carried out in her trademark ‘papercut’ style.

The bright colours and glorious mix of patterns match the music perfectly and is ingeniously psychadelic. I love how the two lovers ride across this mad toy-room of swirling flags, manic trains and dragons in a comic-book style endeavour: star-crossed lovers facing a darker, more sinister world. Barnes also highlights the song’s sense of journey and adventure through presenting the lovers travelling via a range of transport modes and as such achieves a sense of continuity throughout the video. Rather than being what critics are calling “twee”, I think this animation is beautifully crafted (Lesley used paper puppets to gain this effect), utterly mesmerising and a perfect partner to Belle and Sebastian, who incidentally took their name from a French kids book about a boy and his dog- a fact thoughfully played with in the children’s book style of the animation.


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