Facebook finally listens

In the past Facebook’s changes have often annoyed me- the constantly changing facebook wall, new icons, like buttons to about everything and more recently the controversial automatic tagging function. However, today Facebook has responded to mounting concern about its privacy settings (or worrying lack of) and rising competition from its rival Google+, to implement a number of more positive changes to make it “Easier to Share With Who You Want“. These improvements include-

    – moving privacy controls away from the settings page to alongside the posts, tags and photos they affect.

    – The return (finally) of approving of photos tags before they are posted on profiles.

    – Increased user control of what people can view on your profile.

These changes therefore mark a massive and noticeable overhaul of the site, resulting in users having essentially more control over what information they are sharing AND what friends are sharing about them. Whilst, many are suggesting that these fixes are made in response to the site’s struggle to retain some users in light of Google+ (a social networking site that unsurprisingly centres around the much-praised ‘opt-in’/user control concept), Facebook deny this. However, irregardless I think today’s event is momentous- an instance of the world’s largest social networking site taking user complaints seriously and responding as such. Pray let it continue!


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