IKEA’s “Happy Inside” moves to the bedroom

One of my favourite past tv ads was the IKEA Kitchen Party ad- that happy-cum-slightly-retro scene of two men climbing through fridges and walking up cupboards to attend various parties, all which are set in super-stylish IKEA-adorned kitchens and filled with beautiful party-goers, whilst a seriously catchy 80s tune blares out. Amazing.

As with all of Mother‘s work for IKEA, this advert portrays the furniture retailer in a fun and innovative manner. The brand is shown to be contemporary and alive– all about the young and fashion-conscious consumer using and enjoying their home. This is not about reflecting the IKEA of cheap, flatpack furniture- but of a store that sells a stylish and diverse range of homeware, made for “your home” (rather than “the house”), and more significantly for somewhere to be “happy inside”. Mother therefore accentuates the emotional and inner happiness that people experience in the comfort of their own homes, a concept that I think the now ex-retailer, Habitat, failed to capitalise on. This is a theme which Mother continues with in their latest advert- the “Playfight”, which was released on 22nd August.

What I like about this latest ad, is how it seems to question or at least differ from the status quo– rather than being tired in the evening, this advert is about being playful and fun-loving, perhaps energised by the IKEA surroundings. Moreover, like the kitchen party advert, this shows people using and enjoying the room- throwing pillows rather than sleeping (how very dull!) and not being afraid of messing their surroundings- which is surely a true reflection of how many people use their homes. Although, the fact that they don’t mind potentially breaking some of their IKEA surroundings is perhaps not such a seller. However, this is also about being drawn into the slightly mad personal relationship of this couple, whose “fun in the bedroom” is not quite what you would expect. And I think that is what the audience remember- “the unexpected” and also the plain barmy- that little bit of child-like immaturity that I like to think exists in everyone.


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