A cat that likes small spaces

A few weeks ago, we had a family crisis. A ‘crisis’ concerning our cat Nina. Nina had somehow managed to crawl into a space behind the kitchen cabinets via the sink section. We could hear her plaintive miaows as the notion of leaving this cramped space dawned on her, and the challenge of how to get here out hit us. My father was ashamedly all for leaving her- repeating “if she got in, she can get out..”, whilst my mother was frantically looking for screwdrivers to remove the back of the cupboard. As it turned out, my mother’s efforts were left in vain, as Nina sheepishly and with a certain feline self-confidence and tail held high, marched out of the said small space.

This low-point in our family-cat relations marks just one of many occasions where Nina has chosen to position herself in the tightest of spaces. Why she does this remains a bit of a puzzle. But I like to think that she enjoys a spot of peace and quiet, somewhere where she does not want to be found and also a place far away from the dog…

In the food cupboard

On a bunk bed


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