Do Girls Leer? Surely not…

Most girls know the feeling when you walk past a building site and you hear that unfortunate whistle, or when some guy’s eyes are looking somewhere else while you are on the bus.. But are girls as bad? This is the question that Cosmo for Guys are asking, and indeed looking with sneaky cameras to solve, as they take to the streets of New York with one dangerously chiselled actor called Anthony.

The answer, sadly girls, is that apparently we do- when it comes to a lost and polite Anthony asking for directions, we are likely to take a peak at his crotch/bicep/butt area. But I think the crucial difference between this and many men is this is not a lingering look and besides Anthony appears a rather rare and special breed of man. Rare indeed is the man who asks for directions.

The advert/experiment into the ‘objectification of men’ was thought up by New York Agency Thinkmodo who have already had success in going viral- releasing the weird but clever “Girl With an Ipad head” for the launch of Cosmo for Guys earlier this year. Now however, instead of getting into girls’ heads, the magazine are going out, under-cover cop style, to uncover girls’ hidden glances to feature in the Hearst ipad-only publication. The idea in fact spoofing and inspired by the ad released by Levi’s earlier this year (that infamous ass-cam); while also playing on the men magazine ‘polls’ using the multiple split-screen aesthetic.

So will this viral sell magazines? Yes, the girls in this ad are very pretty (perhaps unbelievably so as Thinkmodo have yet to deny that some of the girls may be actors) plus any guy likes the idea of a girl checking him out. But I also think this advert lacks some of the laddish humour that could help it go more viral, whilst the image of Anthony as your typical man falls flat.. amongst men that is. I personally think the advert is quite fun but, unlike the Levi’s advert, works less well with the product- a magazine that I frankly think needs a little more effort into how women think. As a result, I would be keen to see how this ties in with their other articles.


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