The meaning of woofs and miaows

This is one of those moments where I really want an iphone as Frijj (the yoghurt brand) has launched an app that claims to understand our furry friends.

This app developed by agency Grey London allows users to film their pet and then select from a panel of ‘pet communication experts’ who then supposedly translate what the animal is trying to say, and my guess is that they are not going to be talking about yoghurt. But at least the idea is fresh, if you will pardon the pun, and actually quite amusing. A clever way to engage with a nation of pet-lovers and at the same time spread Frijj-love as the pet-video (with human subtitles) can then be shared by Facebook, Twitter and email, which I can truly imagine happening as pet-owners gloat over how hilarious, intelligent and wonderful their cat or dog is. It was only a matter of time.

Note the “unbelievable” nature of this app in this kids-on-sugar-sounding description of the app below by Appolicious. My particular favourites are the invention of the rather alien “animalish” language and the app’s praise-worthy efforts to “further human/pet understanding”. With these high praises who would not download, or rather is it possible that the app actually lives up to these expectations?

Calling all pet owners and animal lovers! Are you baffled by a barking bow wow? Puzzled at puss’s purring? Wonder no longer: with the FRijj Incredible Pet Translator you can at last understand what all those woofs and meows mean.

Think little poochie is asking for food? Translate your pet in a few easy steps and find out what they are really saying.

Simply film your pet or any other animal talking ‘animalish’, then choose one of FRijj’s crack team of pet communication experts to make the translation.

Reward your pet with a tasty treat whilst the translator works its magic, then marvel as – for the first time in human and petkind – you are now able to truly understand each other.

Share your translated pet video with the world by email, Facebook or Twitter.

You can also watch and share other users’ pet sounds videos, furthering the noble cause of human / pet understanding.

It’s incredible! It’s a miracle! An incredible miracle in app form!

And even more amusingly, perhaps from fears of potential pet abandonment or interspecies angst, the disclaimer reads-

pet lovers please note that the FRijj Incredible Pet Translator is intended for entertainment purposes only. FRijj cannot be held responsible for any human-pet misunderstandings which may arise as a result of inaccurate, improbable or completely made-up pet translations. Woof!


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