Words to hedge your money on

A list that starts with “Insurance, Loans, Mortage” sounds like one of those to-do-but-never-done mental notes to myself, with the “loan” word ringly poignantly and with alarm-bells for an ex-student. However, it turns out that these 3 words are the most expensive words to buy in Google adwords; presumably due to a high cost per click and also the volume of people searching for “the cheapest insurance” or “the minimal-interest loans” and so forth. Though frankly I was expecting something slightly more exciting.

The list compiled by internet software retailer Wordstream includes the top 20 most expensive adwords, which as a total generate around 70% of Google’s ad revenues- no small feat as Google makes over $3 billion every month from advertising, with companies fighting over ownership of certain words. As site The Atlantic explains (a difficult feat in my eyes), the system works something like this-

To advertise against “insurance,” for example, now costs more than $54 for a single visitor. That’s what an advertiser pays Google each time that someone clicks on one of their ads… while the number two keyword on Google AdWords is “loans,” which brings in up for $44.28 per click.

So http://www.google.com/insurance must be one busy bee. However, what I particularly like is the Wordstream infographic which clearly shows the different slices of this Google money-making pie. I am a massive fan of infographics as I love the idea of making information accessible and finding some interesting and definite conclusion from what looks like endless, dreary data; and this infographic achieves this successfully. I think my particular favourite finding is #18 rehab- clearly in demand in today’s age.. or to use the saying “what remains online stays online”; and also #20, the rather mysterious “Cord Blood”.. which if anyone could enlighten me over what this entails, I would be rather grateful.

p.s. Click on the infographic to view it fully.. for some WordPress-known reason, it won’t fit fully in this post.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ]


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