Beware the ING dinner guest

Writing a post after 36 holes of golf, a few drinks and with a computer that seems to be experiencing a mid-life crisis.. probably not the best of plans, but my dedication to WordPress ensues. Cue a short and sweet appraisal of this print ad for ING Direct by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, which was awarded an ANNA in January this year (clearly a delayed form of appreciation by myself).

What I like about the advert is its simplicity, which in the land of insurance and mortages seems rather a challenge, and also its wit– again “funny” and “mortages” are not two words that often spring to mind in the same sentence. However, I can rather envisage some ING customer gushing about their tremendous mortage deal to a rather bemused neighbour, shifting in their seat halfway through buttering a slice of bread. As such, I enjoy BMB’s efforts to let the words speak for themselves, and thereby let ING rest their reputation on the good old British Public, which strikes me as very courageous but also clever- as who could resist that 97% recommendation rate? As a result, despite the minimal use of colour and the lack of typography to comment on, this advert gets a tick in my book purely by understanding what potential customers want to hear- that much respected friend’s seal of approval.


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