The Walrus, the Oyster and the Octopus

Besides all living in the sea, what do a walrus, oyster and octopus all have in common?
As it turns out they are all names of transport payment cards across the world- the Oyster being London’s “touch-in and out” choice of travel, the Octopus belonging to Hong Kong, and the Walrus being the latest of the schemes to be rolled out across Merseyside- its name referring to Liverpool’s Beatle Heritage.

Merseyside's latest addition- the Walrus travel card

The Walrus card was introduced to Merseyside on 19th September, though it will take 2 years to roll out completely across all of Merseyside’s buses, trains and ferries. The card follows in the success of other schemes that allow travellers to easily move around the city- improving efficiency and reducing queues in the process. With my Oyster card for example, I barely notice that I am spending money. Until that is, the barrier’s light beams red and those silver sliding panels fail to open; and that queue builds up behind you. I also imagine that the card is useful to the “Big Brother” up there- watching your movements, while keeping track of passenger numbers.

However, as this article by Creative Review points out, what exactly is it with the global transport fixation with sea creatures? My only guess would be idea of flow, besides that I am completely puzzled. However, with New Zealand going for the Snapper and the Puget Sound region of the US using the Orca, might there be too many fish in this sea? As one comment on the Creative Review suggested- is the Lobster going to be next?


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