Illustrations that speak more than words

The Eden Project

Today’s spotlight is on the work of illustrator Jodie Cox, whose work I fortunately stumbled on via a mass of procrastination routes- the intriguing flick book on my desk urging me to look at the website of illustration agency Eastwing. And then da-daaa Jodie Cox’s work giving my eyes a visual fix on a cold and slow Thursday morning.

Jodie Cox is a graduate from Falmouth College of Arts with a background in printmaking and an interest in digital media and providing strong, powerful messages; and unsurprisingly given her clean graphic style and fast methods of working, her illustrations are popular. Recent clients include The Financial Times, Gabon Magazine, Fortune Small Business, The Environment Agency and Forward.

But enough with the niceties, what do I love, like or dislike about her work? Well luckily there is not much of latter, as I really like Jodie’s work. Her illustrations are clear to understand (accessible to pretty much anyone) and I love her use of block and bright colour, stick men and a linear perspective. Her illustrations get the message across easily and boldly – rather a rarity it seems in an digital world, where design is getting ever more complicated. Moreover, despite the ominous and deep content of the work she deals with, her illustrations somehow end up looking fresh, and well happy. Thus while the images are quite minimal and often convey a harsh and simple truth, there is also an optimistic and positive undertone to them. And with my relentless rambling over about the joys of simplicity, feast your eyes on some of her work below-

Australia Day

The Housing Market


Union Workers


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