The beginning of my advertising education

Of all the new things that I have learnt this week, one currently stays in my mind- when working, you appreciate weekends a lot more. Already in 36 hours I have achieved a disproportionate amount of SSE- sleep, socialise, eat; to the Monday to Friday working week, where I am even afforded the luxury as an intern to finish at 6.30. The good news is that I enjoy what I am doing, and am crucially on the start of my journey Dorothy-style to the wonderful land of advertising, along that curvy and treacherous yellow brick road.

I am currently interning in London agency Creative Orchestra– a small Anglo-Spanish powerhouse of great and alternative ideas- alternative in the sense that the agency differs from the norm (in fact “we don’t do average” is its mantra). Besides its fixation with cows (these can be found throughout the office-cum-studio), the agency also stand outs as the world’s first not for profit ad agency- a social force that is attempting reinforce the power of thinking differently and creatively into the heart of a range of more community-based projects. There are also no account managers (instead there are the wonderful-sounding ‘orchestrators’- with their fingers in many pies) and a largely female staff, which means that the working environment is more collaborative, as opposed to competitive, which involves all the staff sharing a communal, cordless phone that squawks. This all means that for me- the small and inexperienced intern, that I get to be involved in a wide range of projects and feel welcomed in the wacky and inviting C.O. family. Bienvenidos!

The first thing I have enjoyed about the work is the diversity as I have been luckily enough to help on different accounts and feel that pleasant sensation of being useful in addition to hope- that “yes, I can do this as a career” (self-questioning being one of my flaws!). I embarked in a range of research, writing and PR tasks- in the process testing my online search skills, my ability to sound professional on the telephone (improving) and how to approach and appeal to the appropriate audience for each campaign (difficult). My ad education incorporating an odd, pub quiz mix of new facts. For example-
– that the copyright of a song lasts 75 years after the musician dies,
– that if you have rather a lot of money you can hire out art galleries in central London for you own work (and I thought artists were supposed to be poor),
– that it is not just me who hates Christmas ads (and how early they are…), it turns out most people do,
– that Spain (not Italy) is the world’s largest producer of olive oil.

And all that in week one! Despite the early hours (with 2 buses and 2 tubes, TFL has become my nemesis), I think I am going to enjoy this. Will keep you posted on progress!


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