Inseparable sheep, David Hasselhoff and Playboy

You can almost hear the minds of the creatives at Albion West Coast whirring and churning as they decided to come up with the most bizarre and unusual campaign for Air New Zealand. The typical questions of what flyers might like or associate with the airline brand thrown in the air, so to speak. But the advert does stand out, and the sheep were just on the right side (by a wool-trim) of being enduring. In fact I rather enjoyed the concept of the geeky Siamese-twin/potentially gay sheep enjoying the space of the economcy Skycouch option. Skycouch being the USP of the ad- where a trio of seats can be moved together to create flexible space options, which I thought differentiated the airline further from those competing to be the most budget and low cost airline… a competition that I am increasingly skeptical of.

The sheep Mason and Jason seemed to be a little more consumer-savy than your average airline– knowing that a lack of space over a long haul flight equals a very grumpy and sleep-deprived person at arrivals- even if the thought of David Hasselhoff riding a child’s toy horse is a rather frightening one, and graphics of a human dressed as a sheep in the sky (dreaming away, as you do…) reminded me of something out of the film Ghost. Having said that who would resist a cuddle? And which New Zealander could dislike the sheep? Albion have therefore created an ad that essentially bleats and baas the likeability factor, even if the advert is just plain odd.


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