The Little People

The other day I was trying to explain to someone about the joy of the ‘online discovery’, that feeling you experience when you randomly find, link-by-link, Google page 4, that amazing website. In my eyes this is the equivalent of the modern-day Columbus, with obscure blogs and online magazines being the new territories to explore. The only problem was that the other person could not understand this; and it then occurred to me that I might have an online search obsession- the internet version of flicking TV channels way too rapidly. Irregardless, I am going to attempt to put my findings to a greater use and share with you some of these sites here. The first being this gem of a site- the Little People Project.

This site caters for the child in all of us– and in my case, my childhood love of The Borrowers, as miniature figures are carefully and artistically strewn across sites around London– peering out of coffee cups, teetering on bridges, rowing in puddles and so forth. I love the artist Slinkachu’s clever use of perspective and humour- the little peoples’ worlds looking so much more pleasant than our own, but left on the street to discovered or ultimately stepped on. It took me a while to deliberate which ones to put in below so I recommend you visit the real site to smile and squint at the rest.

'The Unwanted Ones'


9 responses to “The Little People

    • They are aren’t they! It is one of those ideas that you wish that you had thought of first, but at the same time know that you could never execute it so well!!

  1. Hi aDpraisal, you are an awesome writer. This site is a great find and I wonder about the sense and possibilities of art of this nature! Each one has deep expression and talk much… Let me go to the site :)

  2. Thanks for your subscription! I just subscribed to your blog too :) Glad to see a fellow advertising graduate expressing their ideas on a blog too… maybe we can learn from each other!

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