To Michael

Playtime. I honestly still believe that games, reading, films- that escapism is an essentially part of a day. No surprise then, with graduate applications slowly drowning me, that I find myself in a bad mood. Therefore in a lazy effort to raise my dopamine levels and also get a post on the page, I went viral… the clip below is, according to the New Media Age, the most popular viral ad.

It is done by Sony for Playstation (non-gamer that I am, I did not know that the two were connected), and is created by US full service agency Deutsch. The advert apparently took 5 months and 15 publishers to make, with no doubt with a lot of angst thrown in as the 2 minute clip includes at least 20 different video game references– most unfortunately lost on me, but it is the thought that counts. Besides, I spent most of the time watching convinced that it was part of a film- so genuine and exceptional are the special effects. But I am left with one question- who is the mysterious Michael? But then again maybe the elusive M is part of the ad’s appeal…


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