Toying with shapes

I think one of the saddest things about getting old is that moment when you venture (or more likely are persuaded) into the local toy shop; and bar the glitzy Disney costumes near the entrance and the shrinking figure of Barbie, you don’t recognise anything. Worse still, you don’t even understand the appeal of most of the toys– one of the many reasons that my mum has decided to stockpile my old Polly Pocket collection and carefully store away my otter Sylvanian Family, because (I quote) “they don’t make them like they used to”. Imagine my excitement then, when I discovered this Marbler Run created by the Swiss product design duo Bernhard Burkard.

Although perhaps more a design feature than a toy (my first thoughts were of cubism), the marble run consists of 12 magnetic planes in different simple shapes and colours that fix to a magnetic backdrop. Users are therefore able to create different pathways for the marble- in theory developing their creativity and logical skills in the process. The plama marble run 2d is therefore educational and fun, with the added benefit of looking great on that white, unsmeared wall. Although, my only criticism, besides the rather Swiss-heavy price tag and uninspiring product name, is the potential loss of marbles- both in the literal and metaphorical sense as I can quite easily imagine my cousin’s child going bonkers for this toy. Nevertheless, at least it makes a pretty picture.


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