News in the Ads #12

It seems that my traditional “News in the Ads” is getting later and later into the week, so apologies if these might seem ‘old news’. Frankly with work and getting home late, my knowledge of current affairs rests on a daily quick scan of the Metro. Therefore, to largely improve my industry knowledge (undeniably altruistic), here is this week’s top 5 Adland events.

1) Youtube launches music shop
Google is allowing music artists to sell merchandise and downloads directly via YouTube following the launch of the Merch Store.

-> Like the divorce rate of celebrity marriages, I can’t say that this comes as a surprise as YouTube has become, in my eyes, increasingly money-managed. This development follows a surge of advertising on the site and strictly enforced copyright laws. The Merch store (not the best name I feel) allows Youtube partners to offer merchandise directly from their channels, selling anything from T-shirts to digital downloads. Might well be the web’s next big thing.

2) Europe to invest billions in broadband
The European Commission is set to propose investing almost €9.2bn (£8bn) in a massive rollout of super-fast broadband infrastructure and services across the European Union.

-> Finally good news for Europeans as the European Commission aims to get all European households on at least 30 megabits per second (Mbps) by 2020, with half the population enjoying more than 100Mbps, so as to make the continent more competitive and productive- against super-developing countries like China and India, where internet usage has exploded. The initiative hopes to create a single market (uh-oh) for digital public services, and stimulate further investment in the public and private sectors.

3) Frank is back
The Home Office has launched the next stage of its ‘Talk to Frank’ activity, the first work for the drug awareness campaign since the spending freeze was introduced by the coalition Government last summer.

-> I have always been a great fan of the Frank campaign because I believe it deals with its young audience in a sensitive and effective manner- building up trust and creating awareness. The latest campaign is created by Profero (digital side) and Mother (radio and print) and looks to encourage young people seek accurate and impartial information about the effects of drugs. Frank welcome back!

4) A week of new phone releases- an Android update and a new Razr
Google has officially unveiled the latest version of its Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as its latest handset, the Galaxy Nexus with Samsung. While Motorola hopes for another Razr hit with its new 4G smartphone the Droid Razr.

-> Mainly thought I’d mention this for my amazement of the name of Google’s latest smartphone addition- the Ice Cream Sandwich… which actually sounds rather nauseating. While the Razr sounds rather impressive- being the thinnest smartphone on the market and the first to offer downloadable HD movies from Netflix. This fascinating battle of the smartphones just got even more interesting.

5) Kraft launches Cadbury Screme Egg ads
Kraft Foods has launched an outdoor campaign to support the limited edition Halloween-themed version of Cadbury Creme Egg, the Screme Egg.

-> Beware the goolish egg… at least that is what this two-week campaign by Fallon is warning as the agency get spooky for this topical ad. The ads, by creative directors Sam Oliver and Shish Patel and junior creative team Sam McCluskey and Becca Pottinger, show a chocolate egg about to be crushed in a scary looking device in a goulish cave. Might well give you chocolate induced nightmares.


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