Reinventing the bottle cap

Courtesy of eatbigfish, I give to you this latest genius discovery… the bottle-cap-cum-chess-piece.

Designer Guanyun Wang has creatively given the bottle cap a second lease of life, as a mundane and everyday object (to be discarded) is transformed into something fun, and well very different (to be treasured). I like the idea that you could potentially collect bottle tops to get the game started- kids raiding supermarket shelves to find the elusive bottle-top ‘king’.

I also think that it neatly fits into the whole environmental discussion as an object is re-used and re-evaluated; and a game like chess becomes more universally accessible- on Yanko’s website this seems to be his main aim. Good news for unfortunate people like me who (ashamedly) have never learnt to play chess.

Basically, I like this idea so it disappoints me that this is only a ‘concept’… with a big fat pretty please, any takers? Coca-Cola? Oasis? Sprite..?


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