Conversation flow

One of the reasons that I want an iPhone is for its mind-blowing number of apps. I have this cynical and geeky urge to hunt down something there is not an app for, or even find an app that is as good as it sounds. Thus far, the only app that never lets me down on my Blackberry is my London tube map, which is fortunate and ironic as the tube itself often disappoints.

Anyway, the app below has to the app which is the match to many flaming rows, or worse those long dawning insights when you realise that your ‘friend’ never listens. This app, aptly called Talk-o-Meter, monitors talk-time in conversations- giving a clear indication of who dominates the conversation. It works by taking a short time to calibrate itself to the sound of each person’s voice and then keeping careful track of who’s talking. The colours, I think clearly portraying an active/passive phone relationship- red for talking, and blue for listening. The app was released in June 2011, with the hope (or so it says) of people being able to rectify their chat if they are monopolising the conversation. Although to me, it seems more likely that two people will end up battling it out to get the most red- the bar system looks highly competitive. Pre-testing, I am skeptical, but still intrigued, whether this “gentle biofeedback works”…


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