Is this the worse ad in America?

I think that the fact that I have not heard until Luvs diapers until now is something of a blessing in disguise, as their animated commercial, featuring a competitive crapping contest for babies set to the musical stylings of Tag Team, has been voted this year’s worst American ad by Consumerist readers.

The whole strategy behind this ad confuses me (if indeed there is any) as appealing to shoppers through an Pop idol style poop contest just seems flawed and I think slightly scarring to any expectant mothers- where is the cute baby smiling and laughing? The expression on baby #3 looks grim. However, as AdWeek comments, the ad certainly is memorable, if for all the wrong reasons, and brutally honest about the true purpose of diapers- no fragrant, super-quilted, rash-resistant Huggies here. So do I smell the whiff of a potentially clever PR stunt? Make a stink with a controversial ad and then lapse up the publicity… Either way, the agency behind the ad is being very quiet, I can’t find anything on them.


One response to “Is this the worse ad in America?

  1. I think here Luv’s is a discount brand. Although I admit I find the ad funny, because people are often too quick to portray babies as sunshine and happiness and gloss over the fact that they really only do three things- eat, sleep, and poop :) Maybe people get sensitive about how babies are portrayed, because Huggies had (what I thought was) a brilliant ad campaign based on their “jean” diapers that got a lot of bad press.

    Too bad you can’t find the agency behind this, because I would love to know how they got the client to approve that!

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