A big red button

That timeless question- there is a big red button on an intriguing black box, do you press it? And what exactly will happen if you do?

The battle of the ages- contrainst vs. curiousity.

Or in this interactive piece by DDB Paristhe whole magic of escapism vs. staying at home in grey old Paris (ok, so not actually that bad)?

The installation was set up outside outside the Royal Palace in Paris for the French travel company Voyages SNCF, to entice passerbys to travel. The adventurous traveller having a great time, being that curious individual who pressed the big red button- although, I have to say the lack of these people surprised me. In London, I am pretty sure that red button would have dents on it, as well as a load of yellow police-tape warning people not to venture too close to the “unidentified object”.

Anyway, as it turns out- the box is a box of joy, party streamers and madness– enough mad for even the Mad Hatter himself to look sane. When people press the button they are asked where they’d like to escape to; the request is logged and suddenly the box turns into “an animate singing and dancing extravaganza that presents the curious button-pusher with a ticket to their destination of choice” (not my words, but no other way to describe it). The box therefore provides a massively memorable, “wish you were here” moment for the traveller, before they are even “au revoir-ing” their way out of France. The shock and surprise factor so unusual in society that it is no wonder that one man could only meekly answer with “Lapland”.


2 responses to “A big red button

    • Equally good taste!
      I had to post it as soon as I found it, though very jealous of the people who got to have a go.

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