No bugs were harmed in the making

A world first and also a phone that charges quickly, amazing… except there is one little flaw BUGS! And not your average English insect either- but tarantulas, beatles that can fly through rings of fire, a bike-riding praying mantis and, worse of all, the scorpion (poison included).

The ad was created by the L.A-based Denizen Company to showcase the quick charge of Qualcomm’s latest smartphone– the motto being I suppose that the Qualcomm Snapdragon phone is so efficient that even a bug circus could power it. Except I kept thinking about that- the bugs, my mind fixated by the thought of a bug-run society… imagine; in addition to happy memories of watching the Bug Circus in Antz (a few similarities).

However, I do like the concept of the bug-generator, everything running so smoothly and the team work between the insect species so collaborative that you wish it was the real world. I know for a fact that if my blackberry was powered by an insect it would be some slow and hungry slug. So antennaes up for Denizen who brought in an electrical engineering consultant to accurately calculate the real-world amps the insects would generate, and what would be required to actually power the phone- definitely planning ahead for the next evolution of the species, and hopefully a new generation of smartphones with batteries that last longer than a day.


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