Nature in print

My 100th post and I immediately became indecisive about what to write about- what advert/topic/picture/you name it, could fulfil this literary milestone? My answer being Tim Simmons and his captivating Urban Land Project, which like many things that inspire me I found on Creative Review.

Tim Simmons is an American photographer with a mission to radicalise and beautify the city backdrop with nature’s best– a stunning array of landscape photos, which he has placed in various locations around Philadelphia- for example, among the graffiti, on a disused water tower, on the corner of a less than busy street. The idea being to surprise people into thinking more carefully about the relationship between natural and urban environments, the equivalent of massive arrow pointing at a flower saying “look how beautiful nature is… take care of it”. I therefore admire Simmons’ work for its environmental as well as artistic value. I love how they brighten up the big smoke in a way that is more engaging and captivating than most adverts. The pictures devoid of writing, there is no commercial undertone to them being there, but you feel moved nonetheless.

Mural at 727 N 2nd St, image featured below.

Mural at N American St and Poplar, image used below

Water tower mural at N 3rd St Phialdelphia

Mural at 727 N 2nd St

Billboards on the Delaware Expressway in Philadelphia


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