A paper fix

Everyday 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away in the United States, 86% of these left to slowly decay on garbage sites (a full 700 years to completely decompose- still there for your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchild’s birth). A problem that needs to be fixed.

Bring on design company Brandimage then, who have created the paper water bottle. And yes despite the apparent paradox of this product- paper and water…, the product actually works. 360 Water Bottles are made from 100% renewable food-safe resources, are fully recyclable, resealable and versatile in a number of potential liquid categories. Plus, I think the product looks good too as I like the range of colours and the bottle’s eliptical shape. My only concern is that the bottle might get flattened if thrown into my mess of a handbag during a trip on the tube at rush hour, although ironically the bottle is stackable and easily transportable en masse.

The science behind the product being – constructed “with 90-95% reduction of polymer, the single-serve water bottle is made from two pieces which are fused together by a micro-thin PLA (polylactic acid) which provides a barrier between the liquid and air.” Or more understandably, bamboo and palm leaves are key components.

It gets the seal of approval from me.


One response to “A paper fix

  1. 1 in every 5 water bottle ends up in the ocean, while this may be a better alternative to plastic it inst the ideal fix. Get a canteen, and carry it with you. Klean Canteen has a thermos mug that can be used for both hot and cold drinks, and even has a cafe lid.

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