A Mini getaway

There are many reasons why I often wish that I was Scandinavian, and in this particular case Swedish. Swedish agency Jung von Matt (and others) have come up with the ultimate location-based app: essentially tag on your phone, or more specifically hunt the virtual mini to win it. Although before you get too excited I must note that this app is sadly only available in Stockholm and also long over as the campaign (Getaway Stockholm 2010) took place last September.

It worked like thus- once the app is downloaded, users find the mini using GPS around the city of Stockholm. Sounds easy, but alas no. Users have to be within 50m of the current holder you can grab the Mini off another user, to then (unfortunately) become the new target. The trick is to be in possession of the virtual Mini for a whole week to win a Mini Clubman- ultimately becoming recluse-like in the process as you have to stay clear of people looking suspiciously interested in their phones. If this was me (and I am very keen on minis), some well-earned ‘holiday’ would be in order.

I like how this spices up the competition and utilises the app in a unique and thrilling manner by making the city integral to the whole thing– much like how cars are fundamental to travel. I also enjoy the whole childish simplicity to the whole thing- tag but on a phone, with a whole lot more suspense and a much better prize.


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