A Cosmopolitan Failure

You know that rather blog-geeky moment when you find something and immediately think that you have to blog about it, a weird and tantalising need to spread information? Well the discovery that Cosmopolitan made a yoghurt was that wtf-omg-lol moment for me.

Back in 1999, the guys and girls of Cosmo HQ made the dubious link between readers enjoying their magazine for its sex tips and a fetish for dairy food. The reason being that according to a survey, 65 percent of Britons had used edibles in the bedroom- edibles, Cosmo deduced, like Yoghurt and cheese. As such, they applied a “sex sells”, “Cosmo is sex”, therefore “Cosmo can sell anything” logic to entering the dairy industry. Even without hindsight, this seems to be fundamentally flawed- a blooper of a extending the brand too far, and misunderstanding your audience (and their amorous activities). The yoghurts were even priced higher than competing brands and intended to be “sophisticated and aspirational”- a problem when you consider what the yoghurts might have been used for… Unsurprisingly, the line was discontinued within 18 months. Although, the surprise of the whole thing is that this plan got the go ahead at all.

7 responses to “A Cosmopolitan Failure

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  3. I think that I felt the same feeling that you described in your first paragraph about the feeling of needing to blog… only I had to read yours when I saw the title! I think that idea is a very far fetched stretch to relate two things together. I’m from Terre Haute, IN and that was never sold around here.

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