Time for a holiday

“You, the sky, the sea”… bliss- a light in the tunnel for those stuck in offices, with a bleak British ‘summer’ gone and a long winter ahead. However, besides a longing for a bit of sun and a quest for the ideal hotel/deserted beach/best view, what I really like about holidays is their almost paradoxical pause/refresh quality– how you can take a step away from your daily routine, and also return, to use that cliche expression- with “your batteries fully charged”; and I sense it is this sensual quality that this TV ad is trying capture.

The advert is by BMB for ‘Thomson holidays’– a 90 second chunk of envious holiday chilling, infinity pools and happy families played during an x-factor ad break- thus on a small level, a well-earned ad break from the media-crazy, camera-happy and often tuneless contestants. Fortunately though, this advert really does make me want a holiday and actually nod in agreement to time-deprivation scenario going on in my life– a shortage of “me-time”, a mass of time-wasting and a list of “things to do by this time”; all resulting in a cry for time-out. How timeless.

As such, this ad effectively portrays the emotional value of a holiday as opposed to the expense-laden “must visit” or “cheap deal” offers that are typically shown. I therefore like how it represents Thomson holidays as offering a relaxed, family-friendly frame of mind, rather than as a typical travel agent- a more complicated, and beautifully presented version of “take a chill pill”, helping dad or the importance of the weekend lie-in (i.e. you need it). The advert consequently appeals to all the senses to not only produce a “wish you were here” feeling but a “wish I was them” desire. My only annoyance being that this is narrated by a young boy, whose stress I can’t envisage and whose knowledge on all things about “loved ones” seems contrived and at worse patronising. But rant and holiday envy over, I appreciate how this £5 million campaign puts proper, moral values back into the holiday experience- caps and sun-shades off to that.


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