You don’t fool me Rice Crispies

If there is one thing that I have learnt in my experiences of interning in advertising, it is that now – the economic recession and all, is the time to be nice to customers, to reward them for their loyalty, put a human face onto the brand in the hope that this might stop price-savy shoppers straying elsewhere. In otherwords, embarking on a brand strategy that sparkles with openness and transparency towards the consumer. I therefore question whether the marketing department at Kellogg’s were aware of these facts, as creating a campaign centred on the lies and exaggerations distilling in the murky backwaters of the industry seems a bold, and slightly bizarre move. A little pre-warning- teasing me with a boat is just going to make first envious, then intrigued and then down-right disappointed.

The TV ad is for the not-so-square Kellogg’s Squares – a sugar high that I am not a massive fan of, and unfortunately still remain unconvinced by following this advert. Mainly because the advert actually shows very little of product, and being “all lies” I am inclined to think that the merits of the products might be “all lies” too. Likewise, the girl winking at me from the yacht- while it might rock the boat of many male viewers, puts me off wolfing down yet another snackbar. However, I do admire the whole ballsy panache of the idea – a tongue in cheek look at how far advertising has come, although this might be lost on many viewers who might just find the advert annoying and off-topic. The creatives Caroline Rawlings and Chris Birch at Leo Burnett have therefore generated a little cheeky reminder to others of their ‘creativity’ and attitudinal advertising, but whether these ‘others’ include an impressed and engaged viewing public, charging to the shops to stock up on Squares, is questionable and, at worse, all lies.


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