I wish upon a tea bag

Fingers crossed, one black cat, bird poo on your head, the four leaf clover, getting the wishbone at the Sunday roast and now that luck tea bag. This new ad by Dentsu London gets the superstitious making wishes as they draw the strings of that lucky teabag.

Frankly I think it is a lovely idea- making the best of the everyday, getting the pessimistic wishful on the most everyday of pastimes, drinking Tetley’s tea. I also like how the ad encourages you to wish for someone else, thereby representing the non-selfish, caring side of making a cuppa. That means-well gossip as you chat with friends over a warm and milky brew- hoping, as the advert suggests, that Sarah’s latest child takes on her looks/ears rather than the father’s. The advert therefore plays on the social and emotional side of drinking tea and indeed stretches this to a European audience as the advert is first released in France. Mais mon adieu, one cannot hope but enjoy a new thing to wish about. Although, whether this really captures the “optomistic” frame of thought of the British tea-drinker, frankly I doubt it.

However, as Dentsu highlight, the advert captures that uniquely British sentiment- the sharing of woes, joys and whatever else over a cup of steaming tea – a contrast, it must be added, to the caffeine-hyped, time-deprived coffee drinkers of Europe and afield. As such, Dentsu emphasises the importance of pulling those tea-strings, in pretence making those European woes and dating disasters disappear. Drink on.


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