The supermarket slow lane

According to site Springwise, the Finnish supermarket chain K-citymarket (owned by Kesko) has introduced a slow-track checkout lane at one of its stores- dubbed “Elä hättäile”. The lane is aimed at the elderly, the disabled and those who desire a more chilled shopping experience, where you have enough time to return your change to your purse before the next customer is served (a big grievance of mine) and can even sit in an armchair while waiting. The idea responds to the results of a survey carried out on mentally disabled youths in the area that found that they, unsurprisingly, found the checkout experience stressful.

The lane includes nice checkout assistants who serve customers according to their needs, so helping with packing, paying and putting foods on the conveyor belt- although why this is included as an extra to retailing is beyond me. However, I like the concept of a slow-down being re-introduced back into shopping as, barring the hunger attacks and battle for a sandwich at lunch time, I think shopping should all be about enjoyment- the reason why I have taken to spending my time window-shopping without any intention of buying.


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