Glorious Mud

An ad I found on AD TEACHINGS that was just so good that I had to steal it, although admitedly following her example as she reblogged it from someone else – exemplifying the jeep’s own online journey as this ad spreads.

The print ad is by Wieden + Kennedy (the US team) for Jeep – unsurprisingly as this whole image speaks of the rough, tumble, and mammoth expectations that come with the car, and even tank like vehicle. I like how this advert has captured Jeep’s rural origins and what it does best (mud-wrestling, puddle-bashing car style) without showing the vehicle itself. I also think that showing an urban location using the dirt granules adds an interesting twist, updating the perception of Jeep and its place in many cities, but without reverting to its negative “gas-guzzler” connotations. The whole print-like and undefined effect of the image also reiterates the Jeep’s “adventurer” mindset of tackling and trying to determine the unknown, but with a sense of vibrancy and a Jeep-can-do-anything attitude. This ad therefore gets an engine-revving like from me.


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