Imagine travelling without a guidebook. Not knowing where you are going. Going from place to place in a little red mini. Well thanks to Mini, in partnership with youth brand Vice, now this dream or packing nightmare can become a reality.

The adventurous, much-loved car has gone on its own global adventure to ‘All The Wrong Places’ – think destinations non-average, with followers of the brand’s Facebook page able to apply to co-accompany the Mini explorers and also watch episodes of their journey of discovery in a web series. This is therefore audience engagement at its peak as the followers are able to participate and get involved with the Mini’s journey in an exciting and leisurely way. This is not a “buy a Mini” communication but a more “enjoy the Mini” dialogue – the use of social media and the challenge to explore the unexplored drawing viewers in.

There is also is an element of competition involved (best map reader, greatest taste in travelling songs, least amount of phobias, etc) which as I have learnt in my current stint in digital, gamification is a new trend to look out for. For those not in the know – gamification being the infusion of gaming mechanics and game design techniques into typically non-game applications – in this case getting people to compete on a leaderboard to become the ultimate Mini traveller. This therefore mirrors other Mini advertising efforts to revitalise the brand, whilst increasing customer loyalty and devotion to the product. Now the question is do I want to have a go?


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