Uncomfortable viewing

Friday afternoon and I get my sleepy-eyed, post-lunch self home, and what do I end up watching? Dracula – the 1992 version, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and potentially the most erotic, weird “horror film” that I have ever seen. A film where I end up rooting for the bad guy (who incidentally ends up being a big heartbroken softie) and wishing that I was Winona Ryder (who plays Mina Murray). Nevertheless the film made enjoyable viewing, unlike this advert for Calvin Klein that was shot around the same time and just makes me squirm and look away (without the excuse of vampires).

The ads were thankfully taken off air and I have fortunately not seen any like-minded CK tributes since- what with “heroin chic” less chic. The ads are creepy in a way very different to Dracula – lacking the presence, power and sex appeal of Mr.Undead himself. Instead, the ads look like a sinister mix of porn/kidnapping/paedophilia filmed using the Blair Witch Project camera crew. The models look too young, the clothes a little too baggy and the dialogue is unnervingly flat and awkward. In reality, the campaign was to mimic “screen tests for low-budget skin flicks”, but the outcome is a lot more uncomfortable, perhaps with ads appearing even more alarming in the current context.

Dracula - a different kind of creepy


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