A Darth Vader shop visit

Sometimes I feel sorry for Dixons – Currys seeming a little lost in the dynamic technology market and the nostalgia for the jingle “PC World” and its predictable Christmas deals wearing a little thin, neither a store that could threaten its annoyingly cool competitor Apple. As such, it is heart-warming to see M&C Saatchi try and change Dixons’ fate, by returning once to again to “the galaxy, far far away” by emphasising Dixons’ excellent customer service – now given glowing recommendations by Mr.Fussy himself, Darth Vader. And if DV’s advice is anything to go by, it seems Dixons has massively improved as there is nothing I respect more than a sales teams that knows their stuff, even if this team consists of a girl with distractingly bad hair.

The advert was released on Saturday 5th November – unsurprisingly during the X-Factor break to capitalise on the large audience of potential Dixons-doubters and Stars Wars fanatics. And the good news is that I found it entertaining and unexpected. I liked the little, humorous details in the ad – the car alarm going off, Darth Vader’s “no time for pleasantries” and the Dixons’ employees overriding efforts to please. The ad therefore left me feeling both amused and also with an urge to run to Currys and challenge the nearest member of staff. I felt that Dixons was portrayed perfectly – its staff an admirable mix of the bold, the outgoing, thoughtful and knowledgeable – all characteristics that the customer looks for when making that increasingly unique proposition to buy something costly in an economically depressed period. So thanks to Darth Vader’s exacting recruitment standards, the shopper can enjoy buying at Dixons, with the comfort that Dixons’ staff can handle the force.


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