Seducing the wine virgin

We have all been there – that “I have no idea what I am talking about” attempt to find the right vintage, grape variety, price and taste in bottle of wine, in fact usually, like this woman, I end up selecting on colour (white/rose) with that “best deal” sign. At bars, I am even worse – resorting to a tongue-tied “I’ll have what they are having” or vouching for the “safe” house-white. Even a class at University, amazingly entitled “Geography of Wine” (to the envy of all my friends), has resulted in me becoming more fussy about “terroir” and bottle labels, but actually more uncertain about which wines I like. This is all contributes to why I so like this advert for Majestic, as the store’s USP becomes a bit like Amazon – letting you explore, while offering helpful titbits of information and recommendations. In other words, offering a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience.

The advert is Majestic’s first TV campaign and is created by St.Luke’s (written and directed by Al Young). The ads capture the uncertainty, angst and eventual elation that comes with your “first-time”, when one becomes grown-up enough to stray away from the VK’s and venture into the Bachus wine cave that is Majestic. Then comes the lies, the acting, the pretence that truly you know what you are doing, which the advert captures so well. The man’s face an unswerving picture of wine connoisseur confidence, but masking a fml/what-have-I-got-myself-into anxiety. Likewise, the girl’s mental shift from horror to triumph over knowing at least something (Chardonnay), is the retail equivalent of impressing a boy with knowledge about football. As such, what really touches me about this campaign is that it underlines the learning and evolutionary curve that wine is all about – you grow older, ergo you become more learned about wine. So it is nice of Majestic to assist on that viticultural journey and make those first few step into wine-drinking a less embarrassing memory.


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