Balloon animals and typography

No pre-bedtime story, but a little something to cheer you up before Mr.Sandyman gets you… an animal balloon font. And yet again, my poor fellow blackberry friends, this app is only available on the iPhone.

The font was created by Takashi Kawada and it has no other purpose besides looking cool, quirky and amusing when you send it to your friends, or become the envy of your enemies’ when you send it to them ‘accidentally’. Plus, if you have no friends, or at least none with iPhones, you can always use the interactive “shaker” function that lets you create ambient sounds based on different letters and words (whatever that means).

The app also has an environmental message too, Kawada utilised the fragile, tiresome and squeaky medium of balloons for a reason – to underline the vulnerability of ecosystems to climate change, to the point where they might pop/burst (i.e. become extinct). Funds from the app also went to the earthquake relief in Japan. So easy post-splurge justification.


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