Get up, eat Jelly

“Get up, eat jelly” – is just one of the many things that I like about this music video. Not a bad idea either.

The animation is New Zealand-based Ned Wenlock, an animation director and illustrator; with the adjective “talented” put infront of these two professions. In his own words, he describes his work as a mix of 2D animation and motion graphics to create a story, while synthesising elements from the past and the quirky. The result being an enthralling combination of colours, patterns and a spirited cohesiveness with the music.

Here, Wenlock was commissioned by the record label Late Night Tales to make a music video for MGMT’s cover of a Bauhaus song ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’. A song, which in comparison to ‘Kids’ and the glorious ‘Time to Pretend’, is a little bit different – much slower, plodding and melancholic (think post-interview rejection or perhaps worse, the death of your favourite pet). As such, rather than using his typical preference for characters, Wenlock chose to create animation to match the lyrics; hence the flurry of activity, soot and sparks in the continually evolving industrial city. I particularly like his application of the “unfolding technique” (i.e. wallpaper transition effect) here as it suggests a constant out-with-old, in-with-the-new revolutionary frame of thought without any qualms about the consequences. Exciting but maddening times.

I also enjoy the consistent zooming-out perspective as the music progresses – the twanging vocals capturing the growing pains of the smog-filled town X, a place that looks distinctively British, and like a Lowry painting, with the aquaducts and tall chimneys. Wenlock using this idea of distance to portray the band as viewing the city from afar as visitors.

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. For more of his work, I suggest you take a peak at his blog. And if I can’t persuade you further, I am sure that his official music video for the band Danger Beach’s song ‘Apache’ will, which is appearing in this year’s Onedotzero festival at London Southbank-


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