Taste becomes Touch

Finger on the screen if you have seen these recent online advert for Skittles. Now keep it there, while you wonder and anticipate what is going to come next. Ensure Skittles madness – that rainbow hyper-reality where bearded men pretend to be cats and a burglar turns out to have Skittles connections; and your finger is still on that button because it’s weird and you kinda like being part of that ‘world’. You would kill for a Skittle right now.

That is how this online campaign by BBDO Toronto rolls, it cleverly engages an online audience in a way that is memorable, quirky and so very Skittles as viewers are prompted to place their index finger on the skittle on screen and watch as they become part of the advert. Admitedly my finger strayed from that button but I did enjoy what I saw – the Skittles brand straying ever further from those nostalgic days, where a young boy would whisper “taste the rainbow”. This “touch the rainbow” malarky thereby being a lot more now, involving the consumer in that two-way, intrinsic relationship with a brand. The advert therefore following in the online footsteps and mouse-clicks of viral successes like Burger King’s “King” character and Tippex’s “A hunter shoots a bear”.

The advert is also a lot more cheeky and innuendo-filled that many of the old ads. The Skittle obsessive has grown up and these adverts represent that. Viewers are invited to be part of the action, but also implicated in the entire process – the advert playing off a certain sense of humour, emotion and even nonsensical and questionable Skittles fanaticism. Viewers are made to feel uncomfortable, but in a I-can’t-stop-watching kind of way. Just like how once you have one Skittle, you just have to have more.


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