Over a week ago I attended the onedotzero festival on London’s Southbank. It was one of those rare days where everything just seems to work and my friend and I found ourselves fluttering in the Winter sun from the digital complexity and futurism on show at the BFI to Pieminster at Gabriel’s Wharf (London’s glorious answer to an American Western film) to the Other Art Fair, where I lusted after many a painting. One long sentence to reflect one filled day, pencilled in with mulled wine and a bizarre sighting of Gary Barlow (I tell no lies). However, one memory of the day remains strangely poignant and captivating – this abstract piece of work by German graduate Misha Shyukin.

The video features a series of images of the natural world, which (less naturally but more impressively) were created digitally – a flowing selection of shots that emphasise just how big and omnipresent nature is, but in a manner much more subtle than I could possibly conceive and communicate in my tired waffling form tonight. In fact, I find it difficult to put my finger on what exactly it is about Shyscapes that really entrances me, but I think that is all part of its appeal – there is something satisfyingly dream-like and indefinite about Misha’s work, familiar but at the same time not. In my eyes, Shyscapes represents a mix of the sci-fi, the nostalgic and also a spoonfuls of climate change propogranda – a subjective opinion, but with multiple ways to analyse the film, this is how I remember it.

With that in mind, and my chat at a drought-like drizzle, what do you think? Go on, entertain me.


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