The unheard of

Whenever I travel, my first major envy typically greets me on arrival – not the hot weather or organised luggage collection, but taxis – cheap and plenty of them. As a Londoner, it would be unforgiveable to badmouth the quintessential black cab, but I do have a few misgivings. The first being that there is never a black cab when you need one – either they pass, lights off, as if to snub you. Or some brave, and even more taxi-keen, soul faces death by cars to grab that taxi (pre-taxi rank and pre-you). The idea of being rescued from the rain or directly from a restaurant Sex and the City style (aka New York) is therefore appealing, and it is with this frame of thought that this campaign for 118 118 stems.

The campaign is by the Brooklyn Brothers and Diffusion PR and features the sounds-too-good-to-be-true fleet of free cabs for Londoners. Yes that’s right they are free – between 6pm and 12pm on Thursday 15th December (i.e. tomorrow or today – depending on how quickly I can type) and within zones 1 and 2 (‘proper London’ as I like to call it!). The idea is that these cabs, emblazoned with those infamous 6 numbers, will encourage partygoers to pre-book taxis over the Christmas period, using – you guessed it – the 118 118 telephone directory; which I, 99.8% of the time, forget to do and then debate the perils of the nightbus vs. the financial woes of taking a black cab. It’s all good news then if I am out and about tomorrow and just happen to be one of the lucky ones pinching these cabs, my only hope being that few people know that they are free (so keep it quiet).

The campaign is apparently part of a wider marketing campaign from 118 118 called ‘Everyone’s Little Helper’ which will be appearing across the UK this month – so fingers crossed that more helpful freebies are ahead. I wouldn’t say no to a free tube ride…

The unheard of - a free London taxi, courtesy of 118 118


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