A paradoxical interior

Pyschedelic + wallpaper = a paradox, or a bit of an interior revelation? That is the question that entered my mind as I discovered this wallpaper/artwork by Italian studio Carnovsky. The wallpaper, entitled “RGB” (for reasons soon to be made clear..) featured in Milan Design Week, presumably among many other wallpapers but with one crucial difference – colour and light sensitivity.

RGB wallpaper reacts to different coloured lights, the overlapping myriad of various colours and patterns becoming suddenly clear and distinct shapes when shades of red, green and blue lights are shone over the paper. A little like waiting for a cloudy polaroid to focus, there is a great sense of expectation and discovery about the prints. With each wallpaper based around a particular theme (in the examples below the body), it is intriguing to watch how each colour-based image contributes to a pyschedelic and slightly disorientating mass of colour. Not a room I could sleep in, but I can imagine it working well for parties, a few drinks in. That is what intrigues me most about this design – rather than being as boring as “watching paint dry” or a modernist white or contemporary neutral shade, RGB wallpaper completely redefines what wallpaper is all about. It becomes the feature of the room, wearing the furniture if you like, rather than the furniture wearing it.

For further details I recommend looking at the RGB website, and if you completely love what you see (feeling the almost Hippy-like aura resonating from these images), you can also buy a rather pricey print here.


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