Doghouse Wit

A couple of years ago I went to the Edinburgh Festival (highly recommended), however while there I experienced the A.U.M – the awkward, unfunny moment. It happened during a ‘comedy’ show, which as it turns out was a misnomer – far from laughing with the comedian, or even at him, my expression was cemented into some type of grimace; an awkward, lips slightly parted attempt to look amused. In reality, I looked pained. 3 rows from the front, laughter failed me – the laddish humour raining down on me like painful, golf-ball sized hail stones. However, all this got me thinking of how subjective humour is; why it is that I enjoy shows like ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and ‘Friends’ but avoid the more crude set-ups of ‘Family Guy’ (apologies to all the fans out there).

As such, I thought I’d bring to you something I genuinely find funny – the work of three ‘web-comics’ Ray, Raf and Will at Doghouse Diaries. Doghouse Diaries is a brilliant site where witty stick-men sketches highlight and, in a way beautify, the imperfections and oddities of our everyday lives. I think it is this realism and rather dry humour that my smile-lines find so enduring. The pictures are simple but play on everyday scenarios so there is none of that A.U.M where you don’t understand what is going on (and subsequently feel stupid in the process). Thus, with much ado (and pantomime fanfare), below are a few of my favourite of their cartoons, which alas is a mixture of links and pictures as my computer can’t read the elusive bitmap. Enjoy.

1) How to put up holiday lighting

2) What your toilet paper says about you, for example –

3) All bumper stickers say the same thing

4) Resume vs Reality (truly inspired)

5) Italy


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