The font victim

Poor Comic Sans. You have got to feel for those rounded, tooth paste like squirts that constitute letters – a much maligned piece of typography. However, is Comic Sans a victim to a pretentious font hierarchy? The Junior, colourful, less educated scrawl to the adult authority and professionalism of Times New Roman? The answer is that typography has developed into a deeply complex industry, where certain fonts are regarded with particular associations. In Comic Sans’ unfortunate case, you are likely to see the font promoting Jumble Sales, in mispelt children’s thank you letters and on the labels of inoffensive, sugary-sweet home-made jam. In other words, Comic Sans now stands for the anti-thesis of design and precision, as this BBC article notes-

Comic Sans is unique: used the world over, it’s a typeface that doesn’t really want to be type. It looks homely and handwritten, something perfect for things we deem to be fun and liberating.

The font is so hated that there even exists an online hate campaign to ban it. Although, perhaps this extent of revulsion only highlights how controversial and divisive the font really is, the grumpy attacking its “faux joviality” and the cultural condemning the font’s over-use and ubiquity. Regardless, I find it fascinating how brands (back to that old subject again) are so linked to the typefont of their logo – how something that can be changed by a click of a button, can become fundamentally ingrained into how we view that brand. Therefore let all the comic sans haters out there be grateful that these brands did not take Comic Sans on board. Images are courtesy of the website “Sad and Useless“, which says it all really.


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