Welcome home

“I hope that woke you all up” announced our pilot, as my plane from New York’s JFK bumbled and bumped its way along the tarmac at Heathrow, “Welcome to the UK”.

Aargh indeed, welcome home – home where my resolutions officially start (and there are numerous of them this year), and I have to subsequently be proactive, healthy, outgoing, in other words perfect in my life. In my experience, resolutions always leave me feeling disappointed and a bit of a sham as I either prove to be over-ambitious (in my ‘ground rules’) or easily swayed by a packet of crisps/chocolate. Regardless, I continue to have that unswerving hope that 2012 might be a little different.

Ironically this is where jetlag raises its ugly, sleep-deprived head and with the one-off blessing of being an unemployed graduate, I sleep most of the day. Thus, with a somewhat lame attempt, to provide a bit of New York sunshine to my day (as I write this my stomach is already wondering where lunch is), I give to you a few photos that I took in Richmond Park’s Isabella Plantation in August – a heaven-like plot of hydrangeas and other coloured petals, exotic leaves and flowery scents (my horticultural knowledge unfortunately not living up to my appreciation of what I saw and photographed). Isabella Plantations is very much worth a visit, and a worthy virtual bouquet to greet a tired, pensive face in Heathrow arrivals. Readers I am home.


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